Welcome to the

Rural Municipality of Meota

No. 468

 The RM is situated North of the Battlefords, and within its boundaries Jackfish Lake and Murray Lake are at the center. We are a “Community of Communities”.



2016 Election Results

Division 1 New Elected Richard Lesmeister

Division 5 New Elected Vernon Seabrook


GREAT NEWS!! THE RM IS NOW OFFERING T.I.P.P.S (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service)  Call the office for Details and get your application.  Note: The RM will no longer be accepting post dated cheques for payment. Please register for TIPPS!!



Regular Council Meeting       November 2  2016 at 8:30am                                        




Controlled Burns

CALL 1-866-404-4911

Then call EITHER -
Gil Cadrin 441-7774
Doug Lessard 892-4349

To advise of location of controlled burn. Thank You!

Municipal Maps

Maps are available at the R.M. of Meota Office.

$12.00 per map

$15.00 per map via Mail 

Grid Maps NOW Available $2