Meota Transfer Site

Summer Hours of Operation

1st Weekend in May- 1st Weekend in September



Open Statutory Holidays

RM Transfer Site Location

SE 36-47-17 W3

1.5 KM North of Cochin on the

East side of HWY 4

RM Transfer Site 

Summer Hours of Operation

May 1 - October 14th

Friday - Monday

10:00am - 4:00pm

Open Statutory Holidays

Meota Transfer Site

Winter Hours of Operation

Saturday & Sunday

(Oct. 15 to April 30th)

10:00am - 4:00pm

Open Statutory Holidays

Meota Transfer Site Location

SE 18-47-17 W3

 1 KM North West of Meota on the

West Side of HWY 26

RM Transfer Site

Winter Hours of Operation

October 15th - April 30th

Saturday - Monday

10:00am - 4:00pm

Open Statutory Holidays

Acceptable Items  Receipts must be given for every transaction

Garbage Gags.JPG

Household Garbage

Small $1.50

Large $2.00

Small Medium Items.JPG

Small - Medium Items - $10.00

Baby Items, Carriages, High Chairs, Playpens, Swings, Headboards, Shopping Carts, Small Chairs, Chalk Boards, Cots, Cribs, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Doors

Large Size Items.JPG

Large Items - $30.00

Cupboards, Large Chairs, Mattresses, Chesterfield, Rugs, Linoleum, Hide-a-bed

Acceptable Items - Free of Charge


(No Paint, Varnish or Preservatives)

Nonpainted wood.jpg

Grass Clippings

grass clippings.jpg

Compost Materials

compost material.jpg

Tree Trimmings 

(No Roots)

Tree Branches.jpg

Recycle Items - Free of Charge

Cardboard - Mixed Paper

Cardboard Mixed Paper.jpg

Plastics #1 - #7

Plastic Recycle Types.JPG


Aluminum - Tin - Glass

Household Alum tin glass.JPG

Prohibited Items

Automotive – Anything with Tires and Fluid In

·         ATV Bodies

·         Car Bodies

·         Garden Tractors

·         Lawn Mowers

·         Leaf Blowers

·         Motorcycles

·         Snow Blowers

·         Snowmobiles

·         Vacuums

·         ECT.


Hazardous Waste/Biological Waste

·         Asphalt Products and Bi Products

·         Animal Carcasses

·         Offal- Waste parts of a Butchered Animal

·         Antifreeze/Containers that held Antifreeze

·         Asbestos

·         Barrels/Pails/Cans  that have contained

o    Fuel

o    Asphalt Products

o    Hazardous Waste

o    Biological Waste

o    Paint

o    Pesticides

o    Propane

o    Oil

·         Used oil filters

·         Grain/Granaries

·         Brush Mixed with dirt/Contaminants

·         Contaminated Soil

·         Fertilizer

·         Fuel Tanks

·         Liquid Domestic Waste

·         Sumpage

·         Railway Ties


E-Waste- Can be recycled at Sarcan (

·         Computers- Desktop and Notebook

·         Monitors

·         Fax Machines

·         Printers

·         Televisions

·         Stereos



·         Sandblasting Sand

·         Barbed Wire

·         Page Wire

·         Tires