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RM Transfer Site (Cochin)

Winter Hours of Operation

October 15th - April 30th

Saturdays - Monday

10:00am - 4:00 pm

Closed Statutory Holidays

RM Transfer Site Location (Cochin)

SE 36-47-17 W3

1.5 KM North of Cochin on the

East side of HWY 4

RM Transfer Site (Cochin)

Summer Hours of Operation

May 1 - October 14th

Friday - Monday

10:00am - 4:00pm

Open Statutory Holidays

Acceptable Items  Receipts must be given for every transaction

Household Garbage - $2.00

Garbage Gags.JPG

Small - Medium Items - $10.00

Small Medium Items.JPG

Baby Items, Carriages, High Chairs, Playpens, Swings, Headboards, Shopping Carts, Small Chairs, Chalk Boards, Cots, Cribs, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Doors

Large Items - $30.00

Large Size Items.JPG

Cupboards, Large Chairs, Mattresses, Chesterfield, Rugs, Linoleum, Hide-a-bed

Half Ton Truck Load


Garbage load.jpg

Acceptable Items - Free of Charge

Nonpainted wood.jpg


(No Paint, Varnish or Preservatives)

Grass Clippings

grass clippings.jpg

Compost Materials

compost material.jpg

Tree Trimmings 

(No Roots)

Tree Branches.jpg


Stoves, washers, driers etc.


Recycle Items - Free of Charge


Cardboard - Mixed Paper


Plastics #1 - #7



Aluminum - Tin


For full list reer to the Transfer Station Bylaw on this website located under the RM Governance tab.

Prohibited Items

  1. Agricultural Plastics

  2. Animal carcasses

  3. Antifreeze and its containers

  4. Asbestos

  5. Ashes

  6. Asphalt products

  7. Automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, small or large machinery and their parts

  8. Bales

  9. Barrels that have contained fuel, asphalt products or hazardous wastes

  10. Batteries

  11. Bulk construction material from the demolition of buildings (gyproc, shingles, bricks, cement, bricks, chimney, fiberglass)

  12. Chemical and pesticide containers

  13. Cooking oil or grease

  14. Contaminated soil

  15. Electronics:  computers, printers, fax machines, photocopier, scanner, televisions

  16. Grains and lentils

  17. Grain bins

  18. Grain bags

  19. Fertilizer

20. Fuel tanks; fuel containers

21. Heating systems:  propane, natural gas

22.  Liquid domestic waste.

23.  Manure

24.  Noxious chemicals

25.  Offal

26.  Paddle boats

27.  Paint or paint containers

28.  Petroleum wastes

39.  Propane bottles

30.  Railroad ties

31.  Refrigerators, deep freezes, refrigerant/radioactive waste

32.  Salt blocks

33.  Sandblasting sand

34.  Small gas powered machinery:  garden tractors, lawn mowers, leaf blower/vacuum,         rototillers, snowblower

35.  Tires

36.  Oil, filters and containers

37.  Recyclable materials that may be recycled elsewhere

Prohibited Items

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